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My name is Michael Murphy, and I am the creator and owner of Murphy’s Guide.  This guide was born out years of playing fantasy football.  I first played in 1984, back when League Commissioners would go through the NFL box scores in the Sports Section of the newspaper on Monday and do all the math to determine the fantasy points scored in the League that week.  How times have changed….

As fantasy football “experts” sprung up all over TV, magazine stands, and the internet in recent years, I became increasingly aware at how often my take differed from theirs – and how often I was glad I had stuck to my guns.  I also found myself being asked for fantasy football advice by a number of family members, co-workers, and friends.  And though I tend to believe that advice is only as good as what you pay for, they kept coming back for more (always a good sign!).

I soon realized how much I enjoyed explaining the intricacies of fantasy football and trying to provide fantasy owners with sound advice for their fantasy teams.  Every question energized me.  And my answers came to me as naturally as breathing.  I had discovered my voice.

In an effort to find the right outlet for that voice, I worked part-time for a small fantasy football website, where I quickly became the lead writer.  Unsatisfied with the quality of the site, I left it at the end of the 2012 season to create my own site for fantasy football information and advice: Murphy’s Guide.

It is my hope that this guide will make a solid contribution to the fantasy football community and become a valuable resource to fantasy football owners everywhere. If nothing else, may it give some fantasy owners an edge in their quest for a championship.

– Michael Murphy


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