Personalized Advice

Need some advice on who to start and who to sit?  Could you use a pointer or two as you prepare for your draft?  Or would you like a thorough review of your team and weekly expert suggestions that could give you that added edge in your fantasy league?  I can provide you with this kind of assistance and advice.

If you have questions about starters, cheatsheets, or trades, or if you just want my opinion on a fantasy football matter, feel free to contact me on Twitter @murphysguide or via email at  I’ll be glad to answer these questions free of charge.

In-depth analysis and comprehensive advice for your fantasy teams are also available.  Weekly recommendations on how to set your entire roster are available starting at $4.99 per week or $49.99 for the entire season.  Draft preparation assistance and team management services are also available at negotiated prices.  To request any of these personalized services for your fantasy football team, email me at

Every league has a champion; why shouldn’t it be you?


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