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Ladies and gentlemen – now is the time; time to keep the homework and research coming.  There are only two weeks left for drafting before the new season begins.  Nothing prepares you more for your fantasy season than the development of an innate, detailed understanding of what is going on throughout the NFL and how that might be affecting the value of fantasy players.  So let’s talk.  Let’s look at more places to get the job done.  I have three more readings to recommend, each beneficial in its own way:

1)  “Good Vibes/Bad Vibes” by John Hansen on

In this article, John Hansen takes a look at each NFL team and describes the sense he is getting this so far this preseason about a handful of fantasy players on each team.  His opinions in this piece are not numbers-based – and they don’t have to be.  There is an intuitive aspect to fantasy analytics that serves many a fantasy owner well when applied correctly.  Mr. Hansen possesses this skill.  His article provides some great observations and conclusions that can enhance your approach to your draft.  It is worth your time to read this article and digest it.

2)  “10 Lists of 10 for the 2015 Season” by Matthew Berry on

No, I do not believe you have to read everything Matthew Berry writes.  But he is one of the best in the business.  So when he provides some quick-to-read lists of notes, fantasy owners should take a moment to gloss over them and see what nuggets they might glean from the content.  In this case, I found List #5 (10 downward trends), List #8 (10 players I don’t have on any team), and List #9 (10 deep flyers) particularly informative and insightful.  Again, you may not agree with Mr. Berry’s opinions.  But if you are not taking your fantasy ideas and bouncing them off other perspectives, then you are not doing something right in fantasy play.

3)  “Cracking FanDuel” and “Cracking DraftKings” on

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) continues to grow in popularity.  Some fantasy owners are even abandoning traditional season-long fantasy league style of play in favor of the weekly fantasy contests offered by FanDuel and DraftKings.  As DFS play becomes more common, an obvious need has developed for explanations and strategies on how to play this form of fantasy football.  Small articles abound in certain pockets that cover various ideas.  But this offseason, the staff at did everyone a huge favor by producing a comprehensive guide on how to play fantasy football DFS.  In fact, they went so far was to write separate guides for both FanDuel and DraftKings.

Money is usually involved in DFS play.  And the last thing any of us wish to do in a game is lose money.  For my part, I advise people NOT to play DFS unless they are willing to put in the time and energy necessary to prepare for these contests.  You are going up against competitors who are very knowledgable of and skilled at fantasy football and DFS play.  So anyone who intends to participate in this form of fantasy football would be wise to “get smart” about it.  What offers in this regard is truly a gift to the world of DFS play – definitely worth the site’s price of membership to obtain a copy of it before the season begins.

Two weeks to go.  Continue the reading, the research, the mock drafting, and the number crunching.  Though an element of luck is usually part of the winning formula for any fantasy champion, you can position yourself in the best spot to be a recipient of that luck if you do your homework.  Keep at it….

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